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Tom Dennesen – Principal

Thank you for your interest! Allow me to introduce myself:

I am formally trained and certified in web design and development. I apply this expertise with internet marketing best practices. I operate under the business name, Concept Compass.
You can read more about my background and recommendations on LinkedIn.

My Mission
Empower sole proprietors, small businesses, and nonprofits to optimize their online presence in order to cost-effectively acquire new business.

What I do for My Clients
Navigate the process of Google registration, profiling, advertising, analytics, and reporting. Combine this with optimizing websites and landing pages for promotion, lead generation,
and sales.

Our Opportunity
If you want to “up your game” regarding websites or online business, are wondering how to create, optimize, and maintain a website or advertising campaign, then contact me! We will review what it takes and how much it costs.

Spend Wisely
Are you paying $30+/month for your website? Let me show you how to cut that in half.
Unsure how much you should pay for an online lead? We can determine this.
Want to calculate your return on investment? Optimize and continuously improve your ROI?
Let’s connect!

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