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Hosting, Monitoring, Maintenance, SSL Encryption
$150 annual fee

Service  Includes:

  • Website hosting:  Shared-server hosting of your WordPress website.

  • Apply SSL encryption: Provides visitor assurance that data transmission will not be intercepted.
  • Manage backups:  Weekly backups of content.  Provides ability to rollback in case of corruption or accidental  loss of data.  Allows for easy transfer to other service providers.

  • Perform routine software updates: Pretested updating of WordPress versions, plugins, and theme software.
  • Set up and maintain security:  Firewall and access-detection software thwarts hacking attempts by robots and humans. Alerts of unauthorized access attempts or changes in site files are sent to webmaster for immediate address.

  • Measure visitor activity:  Google Analytics install / tracking allows on-demand or scheduled reporting.

  • Be discovered:  Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) tool allows for best-practice formatting of web pages and posts.

  • Ask Google to take a look:   Automated XML sitemap generation (allows search engines to properly index site content). A Google Search Console account is set up and connected to your site, providing feedback on performance issues and improvement opportunities.

  • Speed optimization:  Auto-caching and other steps applied for quicker page load.

  • On call for website performance issues:  24/7 no-charge support for hosting performance issues such as slow or no page load.  Troubleshooting and coaching services for content-related bugs and breaks can be scheduled (within two business days) – rate $80/hour.

Thank you for your business !